Midday Group Dog Walks: A great way to socialize your beloved four legged doggy friend. We will take them out in the coastal hills, or coastal bluff trails and let them romp, run and be real dogs. Walks are generally from 30 to 45 minutes. The 30 minute walks are usually up a big hill, so they do get lots of exercise! Your doggy will be out and about for longer than the alloted time for the actual walk. They hang out in the car with their friends while we pick up everyone and drop everyone off. Dogs are with us from 1 to 3 hours when out for a walk.

 Puppy Visits We are thrilled to take care of your little puppy while you are away at work for the day. We will take your baby out to potty, feed him lunch and give him lots of playtime. If you are interested in socialization, we will periodically bring over sweet adult dogs that we walk to give your puppy more exposure. This you dont have to wait for your puppy to be fully vaccinated before making friends.

 In Home Vacation Visits We take care of all creatures Great and Small. Dogs, Cats, Rats, Mice, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and all types of Farm Animals. We can do once or twice a day visits, depending on your needs.


 Midday Group Dog Walk: (30min to 1hr) 1 dog $20, 2 dogs $35, 3 dogs $50

 Puppy Visits: (30min. minimum) $20

 Once a day Cat or Small Animal Visit: (30min. minimum) $20 per visit

 Once a day Visit for 4+ Cats  and/or many small animals: (40min. minimum) $22

 Once a day Visit for Dogs(including other pets in house ex:cats): (45min. minimum) $27

 Twice a day Visit for Cats: (30min.minimum) $18 per visit

 Twice a day Visit for 4+ Cats and/or many small animals: (30min.minimum) $20

 Twice a day Visit for Dogs(including other pets in house ex:cats): (30min.minimum) $22

Kibbles Pet Care is Insured and Bonded. 

We are a member of Pet Sitters International.